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CHAPTER 241 – Rabbit Christmas Trees

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 241 – Rabbit Christmas Trees

Abigail stared up at her Christmas tree, sparkling in the night. It was a tiny aluminum tree with matching tiny dew drop lights. It was so pretty! Dad had picked it out just for her. Each rabbit at the House of Buns had their own tree. Enzo had a white tree with multi-colored lights. Bentley had a green tree with multi-colored lights. It was the same tree Dad used many, many years ago when he was in college. The boys, Mocha and Hobo, had a white tree with blue lights to match the Starship Bunnyprise colors. And Turbo, for his first Christmas, had a snow-flocked tree to look like it was out in the forest.

Abigail noticed one thing in common. All the trees were up off the floor. She looked over at Dad and wondered why. Dad explained, “Well, Abigail. I know you were always good about not messing with your tree, but the boys, they’re different. If I left the trees on their level, they’d be knocked over and dragged across the room every night. And I don’t want them chewing on the wires, either. So that’s why they are all up off the ground where you can see them but not touch them.”

Abigail wondered if all rabbit trees were like that, so she polled some of her rabbit friends. “Yup, our mommy puts the tree up on a table, too!” confirmed Raisonette and Goober. Her friends Mitsy and TJ reported the same, “Our lady keeps our tree up on the table.” Duffy, her friend back east replied, “Our tree is on the floor, but there aren’t any branches on it for the first few feet. It looks like a giant umbrella to me!”

Apparently, Christmas was elevated at homes where rabbits live!

Abigail wonders if all rabbit Christmas trees are up in the air.

Abigail wonders if all rabbit Christmas trees are up in the air.

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