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CHAPTER 223 – Rabbits 101

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 223 – Rabbits 101

“OK, Abigail, today is the big day. I’m going to do my ‘Rabbits 101’ presentation to the kids. I thought I’d bring some real rabbits for them to see. I mean, how can I go wrong with a bunch of cute bunnies? Do you want to come?”

Abigail looked up at Dad and thought, “I’d like to help you out, Dad, but you know me. I’m really shy. Remember when I had to go to sell my chocolates at the adoption show? I just wanted to hide in my cuddle pod. I think I’ll stay home.”

Dad said, “Yes, I remember. OK, I won’t take you, even though you are SO cute! I’ll take Enzo because he’s so good with people, and Mocha and Hobo because everybody loves lop-eared rabbits, and Bentley because he’s the most rabbit-like rabbit in our fluffle, even though I suspect he won’t like it.” Dad packed up all the equipment and the bunnies and headed off to summer camp.

Summer camp was actually held in a large carpeted meeting room. Dad placed fleece on the floor and set up the three ring rabbit circus. In one ex-pen was Bentley. In another ex-pen were Mocha and Hobo. And in the larger center ring was Enzo. He gave them each a hidey box or tunnel, a litter box with hay, some willow, and a bowl of water.

He gave them about an hour to acclimate to their new environment before some twenty kids from grade school age to high school age came in and sat down on the floor around the ex-pens.

Dad introduced himself and each of the bunnies. He talked about the different breeds. He discussed what rabbits eat and things they should consider if they wanted one as a pet. He mentioned how much work they are to take care of. He described what they like to do and where they should live. Then, it was time to show the video.

The kids laughed in surprise. “Oh my god! They’re so fast! They’re sonic!” said one. Another said, “I want a bunny. Stop being so cute!”

When the video was over, it was time to let kids interact with the bunnies. His assistant, Patty, let two children at a time into Enzo’s pen where they could lie down on the floor and meet him. Enzo was good with people, so he didn’t mind. Dad knew Hobo was a good sport, so he let some of the kids pet and hold Hobo, making sure he was ready to catch him if he struggled. The kids loved Hobo. “He’s so chunky and fluffy. He’s so cute!” said many of them. Meanwhile, Mocha, who was more shy, hid inside the hidey box.

Other kids gathered around Bentley’s ex-pen and petted him. For the most part, Bentley sat in the litter box and tried to look invisible.

After the hour was up, the kids moved on to their next session. Dad hoped he had conveyed a realistic picture of what it’s like to have a pet rabbit.

At home, he let each of the rabbits out of their carrier. Enzo, Mocha, and Hobo were OK. But Bentley stayed in his carrier with his butt hanging out. Dad asked, “Are you giving me the bunny butt, Bentley?” Bentley thought, “Yes I am! I didn’t enjoy that – all those strange hands on my nice clean fur! If you ever do this again, count me out!” Dad laughed and apologized, “OK. I’m sorry. I won’t bring you again. I promise.”

Dad introduces summer camp kids to rabbits.

Dad introduces summer camp kids to rabbits.

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