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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Chapter 215 – Recycled Greens

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CHAPTER 215 – Recycled Greens

It was time to prepare dinner. Dad went around the house gathering up all the food trays. Mocha’s and Hobo’s tray was always clean (usually within fifteen minutes of the meal being served.) Bentley’s tray was usually clean. However, Abigail’s and Enzo’s trays often had most of the greens from breakfast still there. They ate more of their greens at dinner.

“I hate to waste this,” thought Dad. An idea popped into his head. He pulled out an extra tray and set it on the window sill. He scraped the leftover greens onto the tray where they would dry in the afternoon sun. After a few days, he had a good quantity of dried greens.

Dad liked to make foraging balls for the buns. Every week or two, he’d weave fresh willow branches into a ball and stuff them with hay and treats. Now he added the dried greens as another tasty treat.

“Bentley, I have some new surprises in your foraging ball this week. See what you think!” announced Dad as he gave him his new foraging ball. Bentley sniffed the ball and began digging into it. Sure enough, he found the dried greens in the center and nibbled on them. “This is neat,” he thought, “More things to find!”

Dad was happy. He found a good way to recycle the leftover greens so they wouldn’t just end up in the trash!

Dad dries leftover greens and adds them to Bentley's foraging ball.

Dad dries leftover greens and adds them to Bentley's foraging ball.

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