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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Room Service (147)

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CHAPTER 147 – Room Service!

“Room service!” said Dad as he knocked on the door to the Starship Bunnyprise room. Hobo’s ears went up. “Oh boy! It’s breakfast time! I’m hungry!” he thought. Mocha just looked at him and said, “You’re always hungry!”

The door flew open and in came Dad holding two trays of food. Hobo came bounding across the room, ears flopping as he ran. It was the only time Dad ever saw Hobo run fast. The two bunnies sat up on their back feet, eager for breakfast.

As Dad set the two identically-prepared trays down, one for Mocha, one for Hobo, the two buns both dove into the same tray. Whatever Mocha wanted, Hobo wanted it too. “Boys, you don’t have to fight over it, you both have your own trays!” said Dad. But the two buns seemed to enjoy eating together and stealing food from each other. Dad gave them each a pat on the head and left them to eat their breakfast.

Around mid-day, there was another knock at the door and Dad said, “Housekeeping!” Hobo’s ear went up, but he knew it wasn’t a meal time, so he didn’t get up. In came Dad with an armful of towels. “I’ve got fresh towels for you. It’s time to clean your room,” he said.

Hobo and Mocha watched as Dad dumped out the litter box and placed a clean towel in it. Then he refilled the hay buffet. Dad turned on the vacuum cleaner, but the noise didn’t phase either one of them. Mocha just sat in the middle of the floor and watched the vacuum cleaner clean around him. Finally, Dad sprayed some Fizzion on some errant pee spots on the carpet and wiped it up.

Unlike Abigail and Bentley, who lived in the parts of the house where Dad spent most of his time, Mocha and Hobo lived in their own suite aboard the Starship Bunnyprise, so they only saw each other when he came to visit. Dad chuckled and said, “You know boys, sometimes I feel like your maid and dining service.”

To make sure it wasn’t all work and no play, Dad always made sure he spent some time just hanging out with them in the evenings for some bunny bonding time. They were, afterall, his buds, too.

Through Abigail's Eyes - room service

​Dad provides room service and maid service everyday for the boys.

Through Abigail's Eye - Dad spends time with the buns

​Dad makes sure he spends some bonding time with the boys, too.

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