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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Shirt off Dad’s Back (125)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 125 – The Shirt off Dad’s Back

“OK, Abigail, I’m off to take adoption photos at the Rabbit Haven. What do you think of my new shirt? I can’t always take you with me, but I can wear you!”

Abigail looked up at Dad. She looked again. There on his shirt was a picture of her! Above it, it read, “I (heart) Abigail. “Aww, Dad. That’s nice!” The picture of her was almost life-size!

Abigail thought, “Dad, can we sell these shirts as a fundraiser to support rabbits that need help? Like we did with my chocolates last year?”

Dad looked at Abigail and said, “You want to sell the shirt off my back?”

Abigail thought, “Well, make some more and we can see if anyone wants them!”

Dad replied, “How about we take orders and I’ll just order as many shirts as people order.”

Abigail thought, “OK, Dad. But no cheap shirts. Make sure they are nice and soft, like me! And make sure you have a separate lady’s style so women don’t have to wear a men’s shirt!”

Dad replied, “Don’t worry. I will get quality shirts. I hate scratchy shirts! They’re more expensive, but they’re worth it. People can choose if they want long or short sleeves, too.”

Dad’s friend Cady came over and they took some pictures of them wearing the shirts.

By the time they covered the service charges and added in a donation to the Rabbit Haven, the shirts came out to $45 plus postage. Dad said, “Well, Abigail, it’s kind of an expensive T-shirt. I guess we’ll put it out there and see just how dedicated your fans are. We’ll give them a month to order the shirts and see.”

Abigail thought, “I know my friends will help me. They love bunnies, too!” She crossed her little ears and hoped.

Abigail's shirts come in men's and lady's versions with long or short sleeves. This is a one-time custom order.

Abigail's shirts come in men's and lady's versions with long or short sleeves. This is a one-time custom order.

Abigail fans:

If you’d like to help Abigail with her fundraiser to help bunnies in need, just send your name, email address, mailing address, and choose men’s or lady’s style (V-neck with tapered sides), size, and long or short sleeve, along with $45 + $5 postage payment per shirt via PayPal to by October 24th 2020. Shirts will be mailed 2-3 weeks after orders close. Sorry, since it’s a custom order, no refunds or returns.

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