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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Spirit of Giving (192)

Abigail at her typewriter


CHAPTER 192 – The Spirit of Giving

“Ding dong” went the doorbell. Abigail’s little ears perked up. Sometimes, that sound meant someone was about to enter her territory. She stood up and watched the front door.

“OK, thank you,” said Dad as he closed the door and came into the room with a box and a big vase of flowers. “Abigail, look! Your godmother, Auntie Lauren, sent us some pretty flowers for Christmas!” As Dad set down the vase on the coffee table, Abigail ran over and hopped up to see. “Ohhh, pretty!” she thought, as she gave them a sniff. She was a good girl and didn’t try and eat the roses as some rabbits might. Dad told Abigail, “Auntie Lauren lives too far away to come visit, but she wanted to let us know she was thinking of us.” Abigail loved her Auntie Lauren and missed her.

“That’s not all,” said Dad, “Your friend Jack-In-The-Bag sent some snuffle mats!” Abigail wondered, “What’s a snuffle mat?” Dad opened one of the mats which had purple fleece “petals” inside. He hid some small treats amongst the petals. Abigail hopped over to investigate. Her nose detected a treat and she began rooting through the mat, digging and tugging at the petals to them to find it. “You catch on quick!” encouraged Dad, “Good girl!”

Abigail found the treat and popped her head up. She looked at Dad and thought, “I’m so lucky to have all these friends and gifts. But what about all the bunnies in the shelters who aren’t so lucky?” Abigail remembered delivering gift bags to all the lonely bunnies in the shelters a couple of years ago. But last year, they weren’t allowed to. Something about a virus. Abigail looked inquisitively at Dad and wondered, “Could we deliver gift bags this year?” “Why yes!” said Dad, “The Rabbit Haven elves have been busy making up hundreds of gift bags. We can help deliver some of them to the shelters.” Abigail was excited!

A few days later, the Rabbit Haven Express train pulled into a local shelter, loaded with gift bags for all the bunnies. Each bag contained some Small Pet Select Orchard hay stuffed in a cardboard tube, a plastic ball with a bell inside, some dried papaya treats, and a willow wreath from Dad. As they handed out the bags, the rabbits eagerly tore into them, searching for treats and nibbling on the fresh hay. The rabbits were so grateful to have something new and fun to play with. Dad brought along a huge bowl of chopped salad with fresh greens and pieces of fresh apple and bananas. He dished some out for each of the rabbits to feast upon. Soon, the room of kennels was silent except for the munching of greens.

Abigail, the little rabbit who wanted to make the world a better place for her fellow rabbits, was happy. As nice as it was to receive gifts, it made her even happier to make other rabbits’ lives better. She hoped others would do the same.  

Abigail likes getting gifts - but she likes giving them even more!

Abigail likes getting gifts - but she likes giving them even more!

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