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CHAPTER 227 – Sssshhh

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 227 – Sssshhh!

“I want a treat,” thought Abigail. She stood up from her spot by the window, stretched, and ran over to the coffee table. She hopped onto the red fleece covering it and gave Dad her “aren’t I cute?” look, which she knew he couldn’t resist.

“Abigail want a treat?” asked Dad. “Sssshh!” thought Abigail, “Could you not say that and just give me the treat? Otherwise, you know who will come.”

Sure enough, across the room, Enzo’s ears perked up when he heard the word “treat.” “Did someone say treat?” he thought. Just as Abigail was about to bite into her Small Pet Select cookie, Enzo hopped onto the coffee table like a bull in a china shop. Abigail grabbed her cookie with her teeth and ran off. “Mine!” she thought.

Enzo looked at Dad with his big blue eyes and thought, “Can I haves one, too?” Dad tried to treat all the bunnies fairly. “Of course, Enzo. You may have a cookie, too!” The two buns munched away, each protecting their cookie.

Dad learned his lesson. The next time Abigail hopped onto the coffee table, Dad quietly reached for the treat bag to hand her a cookie. But as we all know, rabbits have good ears. Enzo’s ears perked up when he heard the plastic bag. “Treats!” he thought. He came bounding over. Abigail launched off the coffee table with her cookie. There was no sneaking one by on Enzo!

Whenever Abigail gets a treat, Enzo is sure to follow.

Whenever Abigail gets a treat, Enzo is sure to follow.

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