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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Stepping Up His Game (183)

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Chapter 183 – Stepping Up His Game

Bentley flopped on the floor while Dad watched an episode of M*A*S*H. It was part of their nightly ritual. When he heard the closing theme, Bentley knew it was time for his midnight snack. He hopped onto the bed and grunted at Dad.

“You want your treat?” asked Dad. Bentley grunted, “Yes!” Dad held out a treat, and Bentley grabbed it with his teeth and hopped down onto the floor to savor it. Then it was lights-out.

The next morning, Bentley watched from the floor as Dad made the bed. Dad said, “You know Bentley. The new bunny, Enzo, loves to snuggle next to me on the bed. I was hoping you’d be that bunny when you came to live here since you’re on the bedroom level.”

Bentley remembered, “Well, when I first came here, you chased me off the bed, so I didn’t think I was supposed to be up there!” Dad explained, “Yes, but that was when you peed on the bed all the time! You don’t do that anymore.” Bentley thought, “Well, I was new then, and I had to claim my territory!”

Dad went upstairs to make breakfast for all the bunnies. When he returned with Bentley’s breakfast tray, there was Bentley, nesting on Dad’s pillows. “Hi, Dad! Look, I’m on the bed! I can do this too!”

Dad laughed gave Bentley a pet. “Stepping up your game, eh?” asked Dad, “Sometimes, I swear you understand what I’m saying!”

That evening, as Dad climbed into bed to watch an episode of M*A*S*H, Bentley hopped up onto the bed. He explored the bed, pushed a few pillows around, and then sat down at the foot of the bed and stared at the TV screen. Dad was amazed. “Bentley, are you going to watch TV with me on the bed?” he asked.

Bentley thought, “I’ll give it a try.” After a few minutes, Bentley thought, “This is kind of boring. I think I’ll go foraging.” He hopped off the bed and went searching around the bedroom for hidden treats.

Dad chuckled. At least Bentley gave it a try. It was a start!

Bentley tries to please Dad by watching TV with him on the bed.

Bentley tries to please Dad by watching TV with him on the bed.

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