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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunny Communication (126)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 126 - Bunny Communication

Bentley dug further and further into his foraging ball. He pulled out a strand of alfalfa and chewed on it for a bit. His nose told him there were some treats in there, so he burrowed his way to the center.

“Treats! I want treats!” he thought. He ran over to his “Treatmobile” and sniffed at the treat holder. It was empty. He jumped into the driver’s seat, put his front paws on the windshield and looked over at Dad. “Treat me! Treat me!” he begged.

Dad looked over at Bentley with amusement. Without realizing it, they had developed a form of communication.  Since Dad always provided certain treats in the cupholder of Bentley’s Viper, Dad knew what Bentley wanted when he hopped into his treatmobile.

“Treats? You want treats?” asked Dad. If Bentley had a longer tail, he’d have wagged it. But he looked up excitedly at Dad and with his eyes, said, “Yes, please!”

Dad obliged and placed some treats in the cupholder. Bentley pushed Dad’s hand out of the way and eagerly attacked the treats.

Later in the evening, Dad lay on the couch watching TV when he sensed a presence. He looked over. There was Abigail, perched on the top step by the edge of the couch. Dad knew what she wanted. “Treat? You want a treat?” he asked.

Abigail hopped down the steps and ran in a circle and capped it off with a binky. Then she ran back up the stairs onto the couch. “Yes, please!”

Dad pulled out a dried papaya treat that her friend Duff Duff had sent to her and placed it on the couch. Abigail ran over to get it. In the past, she would run off with her treasure and enjoy it in her spot by the window. But now she was comfortable with Dad and being on the couch wasn’t as scary to her, so she stayed on the couch and munched on her treat.

“Well look at you! You’re such a brave girl now! You are on the couch with me!” said Dad.

Finished with her treat, Abigail ran back to her spot and made herself comfortable and looked over at Dad. She tooth chattered. Dad knew what that meant. She wanted her pets, so he obliged.

Abigail thought, “Bunnies communicate what we want. You just have to know how to listen!” Fortunately, Dad was a good listener.

Bentley's Treatmobile

​Bentley hops in this Treatmobile to let Dad know he wants treats.

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