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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Terms of Endearment (199)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 199 – Terms of Endearment

Abigail and Enzo sat at Starbuns Café having one of their silent conversations. Their ears swiveled to tune in Dad’s voice coming through the floor as he delivered breakfast to the other buns. “Hi Mr. B! How’s the B-boy this morning? Here’s your breakfast!” announced Dad. A couple of minutes later, a bit more muffled, they heard Dad delivering room service to the starship Bunnyprise, “Hi boys! How are you Mokes? And Hobes? Here’s your breakfast!”

“Oh, boy! Starbuns Café will be open soon!” exclaimed Enzo. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Dad appeared, breakfast trays in hand. He asked, “Hi Enz. How’s my Floofers today?” as he delivered the breakfast tray, giving him a couple of strokes through the floofs of his mane. Then he moved on to Abigail, “Hi Abby. How’s my dear sweet cutie pie bun buns? Here’s your breakfast, too!”

Dad deposited her tray and went back to the kitchen to fix his own breakfast. Enzo looked at Abigail and asked, “I don’t understand. Why does he call us by all these other names? What’s wrong with the names we have? He calls me Enz and Floofers. My name is Enzo. I like that name. He calls you Abs, Abbey, Cutie-pie-bun buns, Baby Girl, and Sweetie Pie. What’s wrong with Abigail? I think that’s a good name.” 

Abigail, who had been living at the House of Buns longer than all the other rabbits, had the longest experience with Dad. She just smiled and explained, “Humans are kind of silly. They like to make up all sorts of names to call us. My friend Duffy says his parents call him all sorts of names, too. Same with Belinda and her roommate. They’re just terms of endearment. It just means they love us. I just ignore them. The only name I respond to is ‘Treats.’”

As he went back to munching on his breakfast, Enzo thought, “That’s funny. He calls me that, too!”

Enzo wonders why he has so many names. Abigail explains.

Enzo wonders why he has so many names. Abigail explains.

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