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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Bunny Butt (115)

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CHAPTER 115 – The Bunny Butt

The morning sun crept through the window and cast a long shadow across the floor. Dad sat up in bed and wiped the sleep from his eyes. He looked down before setting foot on the floor to make sure there wasn’t a rabbit beside the bed.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Bentley’s puffy-in-the-rear sticking out from under the front corner of the bed. Uh oh. Was Bentley giving him the dreaded “bunny butt”? A bunny’s way of saying, “Talk to the tail because the ears aren’t listening.”

Dad went around to the front of the bed and knelt down on the floor. He peered under the bed at Bentley and said, “Good morning, Bentley. Are you giving me the bunny butt?”

Bentley looked at Dad, stood up, turned his butt towards Dad, and sat back down, as if to say, “Yes I am.”

Dad couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. He asked, “OK, what did I do wrong? I just got up!”

Bentley ignored him as if to say, “You mean you don’t know?”

Dad thought back to recent events, trying to figure out what might have offended the little white rabbit.

The night before, he had been up late working, and by the time he came to bed, Bentley was already under the bed, so he skipped the nightly ritual of giving Bentley his pet time. He had also missed the petting time earlier in the evening. Could that be it?

Dad came back with his orange tray and said, “Bentley, breakfast is served!” But Bentley just stayed under the corner of the bed with his cute little butt hanging out. Throughout the day, Dad would check in on Bentley, but he refused to come out for meals or treats.

Finally, at 8 PM, when it was his regular pet time, Dad came down for a visit. Bentley hopped out from under the bed as if nothing was wrong and sat down by the fireplace, where he liked to get his pets.

Dad knelt down and asked, “May I pet you?” Bentley put his head down and licked the carpet, granting him permission. “Have you forgiven me?” Dad asked.

As Dad stroked Bentley’s head and ears, Bentley thought, “Dad, I don’t mind that you’re busy during the day. I keep myself entertained with foraging, digging in my burrow, and napping. But I expect your attention first thing in the morning and now in the evening. OK?”

Dad understood. “OK, I get it,” he replied.

All was right with Bentley’s world again.  

The Bunny Butt

​Bentley gives Dad the dreaded "bunny butt". What did Dad do wrong?

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