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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Great Bunstruction Project (105)

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CHAPTER 105 – The Great Bunstruction Project

Almost a year had passed since Mocha and Hobo moved to the House of Buns. The only territory that hadn’t been claimed by Abigail or Bentley was a 200 square foot bedroom that had been turned into an office and then into a “storage room”.

Although Dad had cleared out the room as best as he could when the boys arrived, it was still crowded with the old office furniture and some storage items. The carpet was old, the room was dark, and there was no place for Dad to sit. With the litter box, hay tunnel, and dining area, there was precious little empty floor space. Consequently, it was not conducive to spending time with the boys.

Dad had promised Mocha a better home, and it was time to live up to his word. Dad announced, “OK boys. It’s time to start the great bunstruction project!” Mocha and Hobo looked at each other. They weren’t sure what that meant. But they liked bunstruction.

The first step was the hardest—emptying the room. About a third of the stuff went into the trash, another third was stored, and another third was tagged for eBay.

Dad’s plan was to go beyond his usual modern décor style all the way to futuristic-style. He explained to the boys, “Picture the starship Bunnyprise. If bunnies lived on the Enterprise, this is what their room would look like.” Mocha and Hobo just looked at each other. They had no idea what he was talking about. They had never watched Star Trek. “What that means is you’ll have more space, more light, and more time with me. It’s gonna be cool!” he promised.

The room suddenly got much bigger when Dad removed the roll top desk and wall unit. But there was still one eyesore—a giant brick grill and chimney that some previous owner had thought was a good idea to install in a bedroom. It was a big waste of space. “This has got to go!” said Dad.

Dad set up a bench on the opposite side of the room where Mocha and Hobo would be protected and “sheltered-in-place”, yet still be able to supervise the bunstruction project. He chiseled away at the brick with his impact hammer. Then, all of a sudden, the entire chimney collapsed into the room. Luckily, the boys were safe under the bench. Hobo thought, “Wow, Mocha, can you imagine the bunstruction we could do if we had power tools?”

Once the debris was removed, all that remained was a concrete slab and a gutted room. They boys came out to explore their new space. It was so big now!

Unlike the rest of the house, where existing rooms were adapted for bunny use, Dad could start with a clean sheet and design this room to be a dedicated rabbit room. The fun part was about to begin.

Dad decides to remodel Mocha's and Hobo's room to give them more space and light and make it more inviting to spend time with them.

Dad decides to remodel Mocha's and Hobo's room to give them more space and light and make it more inviting to spend time with them.

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