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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Chapter 213 – Sniff Test

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CHAPTER 213 – The Sniff Test

Finished with treats, Bentley ran over to his petting spot by the fireplace to signal to Dad that he was ready for his nightly pets. Bentley’s territory included Dad’s bedroom. He loved that he got Dad’s attention at the end of the day and the beginning of each day.

Dad finished getting ready for bed. He brushed his teeth and put on some hand lotion. “Are you ready for pets?” he asked. Bentley looked up and thought, “Oh, yes!” Dad laid down on the floor in front of Bentley and reached out to pet him. Instinctively, Bentley gave his hand a sniff.

“Whoa!” he thought. “You’ve got lotion on your hands. Don’t rub that stuff on my nice fur coat!” he grunted. Bentley remembered the last time Dad’s hand smelled like that and how it took him hours to clean his coat afterwards. Bentley ran into a nearby hidey tunnel – a cardboard concrete form tube. Surprised, Dad asked, “What’s the matter, little guy? Don’t you want your pets?”

Bentley stared out from the tunnel and thought, “Not with those hands!” Dad realized what he had done. “Oh, I get it. You don’t want lotion on your coat?” he asked. Dad went to the bathroom and washed his hands with soap and dried them.

“Sorry, Bentley. My bad. My hands are clean now,” he said as he knelt down on the floor. Bentley hopped back over to his petting spot and made himself comfortable. Dad reached out his hand and Bentley gave it a sniff. This time, he passed the sniff test. “OK, go ahead,” thought Bentley.

Dad gently stroked Bentley’s head and ears. Bentley closed his eyes. It was bliss. All was right with the world again. Dad made a mental note to himself to remember to put lotion on after petting Bentley.

Dad fails the sniff test and has to wash his hands before he can pet Bentley.

Dad fails the sniff test and has to wash his hands before he can pet Bentley.

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