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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Treat Thief (195)

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CHAPTER 195 – The Treat Thief

It was late in the evening. Enzo was lounging in the guest room when heard Dad come in. He watched as Dad picked up a bag of treats and asked, “Enzo, would you like a treat before bed?”

Like most rabbits, Enzo loved his treats. He was excited and stood up on his back feet and thought, “Oh yes!” Dad reached in the bag to pull out a little piece of dried mango. Enzo thought, “I don’t just want A treat. I want ALL of the treats!”

Enzo grabbed the bag with his teeth and pulled it out of Dad’s hands. He bolted away, half running, half hopping, dragging the treat bag with him.

Dad laughed out loud as he followed after Enzo to retrieve the bag and said, “Well Enzo. No bun has ever tried THAT before!”

Enzo was a smart little bunny. The way he saw it, why settle for one treat when you can have them all? Dad grabbed the bag and handed him one treat and said, “Here you go. Sorry, but you can’t have them all at one time!”

Enzo grabs the bag of treats and makes a run for it.

Enzo grabs the bag of treats and makes a run for it.

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