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CHAPTER 235 – The Turtle and the Rabbit

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CHAPTER 235 – The Turtle and the Rabbit

Enzo and Abigail watched from a distance as the big round intruder lumbered back and forth across their territory, making a loud whooshing sound as it went. Out of instinct, Enzo thumped to warn the fluffle.

“What is it?” asked Abigail, “I’ve never seen that before.” Enzo, who was fearless, replied, “I don’t know. I go take a closer look.” “Be careful!” shouted Abigail as Enzo ran off to investigate.

Enzo darted up close and then ran away, expecting the intruder to chase him. It ignored him and continued on its path. He ran in front of the intruder to challenge it, but it just kept coming, so he jumped off to the side. Then he ran back over to Abigail.

“Well, what is it?” asked Abigail. “I dunno,” replied Enzo, “Maybe it a turtle. They’re big and round and don’t move very fast. It not very threatening. It didn’t chase me.”

Just then, the turtle bumped into one of the bicycles parked in the living room. They watched as it backed up and bumped into it again. This went on for several minutes. “He not too smart,” observed Enzo. “Maybe he’s stuck,” suggested Abigail, “Perhaps you should go over and see if he needs help.”

Just as Enzo was about to run over, the turtle made a different sound – sort of a musical sound. Then it turned red and went silent.

Enzo crept over to investigate. He poked it a few times but it didn’t move. He ran back to Abigail.

“Well?” she asked inquisitively. Enzo reported, “I think he got tired and fell asleep.”

Enzo and Abigail concluded that if this was a turtle, it wasn’t a very smart one. Whatever it was, they weren’t afraid of it anymore.

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