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CHAPTER 230 – The Yellow Pages

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 230 – The Yellow Pages

Dad came through the door, mail in hand. The rabbits watched as he sat down on the couch to sort through the mail.

“Yellow pages?” he said out loud, “Does anybody use the Yellow Pages anymore?” He was old enough to remember when the Yellow Pages were a valuable resource, but today, with the internet, it seemed rather antiquated. He left the thin book on the coffee table and went to the kitchen to get a cool drink.

A few minutes later, he returned to the living room. There was Enzo, sitting on the red fleece in the middle of the coffee table, gnawing away on the Yellow Pages. “Well, I guess someone DOES still have a use for the Yellow Pages,” he laughed.

Enzo looked up with his pretty blue eyes and asked, “Can I haves it?” Dad chuckled and said, “Sure. Might as well put it to good use!” Dad ripped off the glossy cover and handed it back to Enzo, “OK, chew to your heart’s content!”

Sometimes, rabbit toys could be the simplest things.

Enzo finds a good use for the Yellow Pages.

Enzo finds a good use for the Yellow Pages.

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