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Through Abigail’s Eye: Chapter 207 – Treasured Moments

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 207 – Treasured Moments

The new pet cameras provided hours of entertainment – or distraction – depending upon how you looked at it. Whenever Dad saw the bunnies doing something particularly cute, he would download the video clip and edit them down to the few seconds of cuteness or capture a screen grab of a cute pose.

As he watched the videos, he discovered a side benefit. Besides capturing moments of rabbit cuteness, the cameras also caught memorable moments of tenderness between him and the rabbits. Moments like when he gave Abigail her nightly “massage”, or when he gave Enzo a kiss on the head, or when he handed out treats.

Even though sometimes the images were a little blurry, he saved them, for he knew someday, these everyday occurrences would become the treasured moments that he would cherish.

Bonus! Wifi cameras also capture treasured moments.

Bonus! Wifi cameras also capture treasured moments.

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