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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Treats (185)

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CHAPTER 185 – Treats?

The morning light slithered through the sliding glass door and under Dad’s bed. Bentley opened his eyes and surveyed his “penthouse apartment.” It was still quiet. Dad was asleep above him.

“Treats! I want treats!” thought Bentley. But he was a good boy and didn’t wake Dad. He waited quietly and patiently.

Eventually, he heard Dad stirring above him. Then he saw Dad’s feet swing down onto the floor.

“Treat time!” thought Bentley. He darted out from under the bed and hopped into his “treatmobile.” The treatmobile was actually a black Dodge Viper that Dad had given him when he first moved in, and the “cupholder” was Bentley’s treatholder.

Bentley sniffed the treatholder, but it was empty. He put his paws up on the side of the car and looked up at Dad thinking, “Dad! My treatholder is empty! Do you know what an empty treatholder is? It’s just a holder!”

Dad looked down at Bentley. He looked so sad. Dad asked, “You want a treat?” If Bentley was a dog, he’d be wagging his tail. Bentley just grunted, “Yes!”

Dad grabbed a couple of treats and placed them in the treatholder. Bentley grunted, pushed Dad’s hand out of the way, and snarfed up the treat.

Dad said, “Bentley, you’re so silly, but I love you!”

As far as Bentley was concerned, all was right with the world, and he was ready to start the day!

Bentley waits patiently for treats in his "treatmobile."

Bentley waits patiently for treats in his "treatmobile."

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