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CHAPTER 233 – Trick or Treat

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CHAPTER 233 – Trick or Treat

“It’s almost Halloween,” said Hobo, “You know what that means!”

Mocha looked at Hobo, “No, what?”

Hobo replied, “It’s time for trick or treat!”

Mocha thought for a moment and then replied, “But we get treats all the time!”

Hobo thought, “Yes, but I think humans expect us to give them a trick. That’s why they call it trick or treat.”

“I dunno,” said Mocha, skeptically.

Hobo said, “Next time Dad comes in, I’ll show you.”

Hobo waited until he heard Dad’s footsteps approaching. He hopped into the litter box, flopped over on his back, and closed his eyes. He whispered to Mocha, “Sshhh! Don’t say anything!”

Dad waltzed into the room, “Hi guys! How are you doing?” Then he noticed Hobo laying lifeless in the litterbox. “OMG! Hobo! What’s wrong? Are you OK?” He rushed over to the litterbox and stared down at Hobo, looking for signs of breathing. But Hobo wasn’t moving. Mocha just stared away, trying to look as innocent as possible.”

When he felt he had waited long enough, Hobo opened one eye and thought, “Trick or treat, Dad! Did I fool you?”

“Oh Hobo! What are you trying to do?” asked Dad, “Give me a heart attack? You don’t have to do that to get a treat, OK?”

Hobo thought, “Oh, OK.” Hobo hopped out of the litterbox and looked at Dad, “May I have that treat now?”

Hobo plays a trick on Dad to get a treat.

Hobo plays a trick on Dad to get a treat.

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