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CHAPTER 255 – Trust You With My Life

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 255 – Trust You With My Life

Abigail snuggled against Dad as he stroked her ears. She looked around the room. This wasn’t her usual vet visit. Nothing smelled the same. She didn’t recognize the humans. She listened as the humans talked with Dad.

“Welcome to UC Davis. We will be your care team. That’s Dave, he’s a student observer. I’m Anneka, a senior veterinary student. I’ll be collecting information about Abigail. This is Dr. Megan, who is the Resident Clinician in charge of your case, and Dr. Dutton will be your Faculty Clinician overseeing everything,” explained Anneka. Dad was impressed. The last time he experienced a care team meeting this professional was when he was the medical advocate for Mocha’s and Hobo’s Dad, Alvin.

Dr. Megan explained, “Today, our goal is to confirm that Abigail does have thymoma and not lymphoma and ‘set up’ for radiation treatment, in case you decide that’s what you want to do. We’ll do a blood test, aspirate for a sample of the tumor, test for E. cuniculi, take CT scans of her chest, skull, and abdomen, and make a custom cushion to hold her in the same position for the radiation procedures.”

After answering all of their questions about Abigail’s background and asking them all of his questions about the procedure, it was time to hand Abigail over to them. Dad paused and said, “Just one more thing. The fact that I am spending this much money for her treatment should tell you how important she is to me. She’s not just a ‘pet’ to me, she’s my child, my family member.” Anneka assured him, “Oh yes, of course! We understand they are family members. We’ll take very good care of her.”

Dad looked down at Abigail and said, “OK, sweetie. Don’t worry. You’ll be OK. You’ll go home with me at the end of the day.” Abigail looked up at him and thought, “Dad, I’m scared, but I trust you with my life.” Dad assured her, “I know I have your life in my hands. We’re doing this to save your life so we can be together for many more years.”

Dad placed her in her carrier and they whisked her off. It was going to be a long day for both of them, but he felt confident that she was in good hands.


Abigail goes to the country's leading animal medical facility for thymoma treatment.

Abigail goes to the country's leading animal medical facility for thymoma treatment.

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