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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Unconditional Love (155)

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CHAPTER 155 – Unconditional Love

It was mid-morning. Dad breezed into the bedroom. Normally, he’d be busy with something, but today, he had an appointment, so he had to change into his “going-out clothes”.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bentley’s head pop up from behind the pillows on the bed. Bentley had a surprised look on his face.

“Um, hi Dad! What are you doing here?” he thought. Dad replied, “Hi B-boy. Whatcha up to?”

Bentley hopped out from behind the pillows. “Nothin’ Dad. I wasn’t doing anything. Honest!” he thought, as he sheepishly hopped off the bed.

Dad went over for a look. “Bentley. Have you been bunstructing again?” Dad pulled back the pillows. The pillow cases looked like swiss cheese. With some really big air holes! Dad shook his head in disbelief.

Dad knelt down on the floor next to Bentley. He asked, “Bentley, what is it with you and chewing the pillow cases? I gave you your own pillow case to chew on. Why do you keep chewing on the ones on the bed?”

Bentley looked up at Dad and thought, “It’s like digging a burrow up on the bed! I sorry. Are you mad at me?”

Dad looked at Bentley, who was staring up him with his big brown eyes, and smiled, “No Bentley, I’m not mad. I understand you’re just being a bunny.”

Dad gave Bentley a pet to reassure him. “I love you no matter what. It’s called unconditional love, sweetie.”

Bentley was relieved. He thought, “I love you no matter what, too, Dad!”

Bentley learns the meaning of unconditional love when he's caught chewing on the bedding.

Bentley learns the meaning of unconditional love when he's caught chewing on the bedding.

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