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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Warm Buns (101)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 101 – Warm Buns

Abigail loved her spot by the base of a tall window in the living room. Not only did it offer a good vantage point to keep an eye on her territory, it was the coolest spot in the room.

Dad liked to keep the room at 74 degrees, which she found to be a bit on the warm side, since she wore a nice fur coat all year ‘round.

One particularly chilly night, Dad came over to say goodnight and asked, “Aren’t you cold here? You know, there are warmer spots in the room.” Abigail just looked at Dad and thought, “Don’t worry Dad. Bunnies are smart. I’m free to roam about. If I get cold, I’ll find a warm spot.” Dad gave her a scritch on the head and headed off to bed.

The next morning, Dad came into the room singing, “Are there any little bunnies here?...A chestnut fluffball may be very, very near.” But the chestnut fluffball wasn’t in her usual spot by the window!

Dad checked her afternoon nap spot behind the couch by the window. No Abigail. He looked in her hidey spots. No Abigail. He searched the guest room. Still no Abigail. Where could she be?

As he scanned the room, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted her. Abigail sat relaxing in front of the heater vent behind the couch. “Well, there you are!” he exclaimed, “Were you cold?”

Abigail thought, “A little. I told you. Bunnies are smart. We can figure out where to stay—as long as we have a choice!”

Just as in the summer time, when it was hot, she would sit in front of the air conditioner to keep cool; in the winter time, when she was cold, she knew to sit by the heater vent.

Smart bunny indeed.

Abigail moves in front of the heater vent to warm up during cold nights.

Abigail moves in front of the heater vent to warm up during cold nights.

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