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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Welcome to the House of Buns (90)

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CHAPTER 90—Welcome to the House of Buns

Mocha and Hobo quickly settled into their temporary home in the garage at The House of Buns. Like typical rabbits, they redecorated their area to make it to their liking. Although they were outside of the house, Dad made sure he visited them several times a day and put them on the same two-meals-a-day plan that Abigail and Bentley were on.

“I’m tellin’ ‘ya Hobo, I think we’ve moved to where the treats come from!” said Mocha, “Instead of Treat Thursdays, we get treats every day! Twice a day! This is not bad!” Hobo happily munched on the delectable greens.

Dad thought about how he ate most of his meals with Abigail. He wanted Mocha and Hobo to feel like part of the family, too. “Let’s do Thai Tuesday with the buns in the garage,” suggested Auntie Lauren. “Great idea!” replied Dad.

Dad set up a café table with a checkered table cloth and two chairs in the garage next to Mocha and Hobo. He called it the Bunz and Carz Café. Lauren picked up Thai food on her way home from work. Surrounded by cars, the humans dined on Thai food while the buns chowed down on their fresh greens and Small Pet Select gourmet hay.

Meanwhile, Dad had found a new place for Alvin to live after he was released from the hospital. Unfortunately, the facility did not allow pets, and Alvin was no longer in any condition to look after the rabbits, anyway. Dad sat down to have a heart-to-heart with Abigail. He told her, “Abigail, it looks like Mocha and Hobo are going to be here for awhile. Their daddy can’t take care of them anymore. The garage is OK for now, but they can’t stay there forever. Do you mind if they move into the spare bedroom downstairs?” Abigail thought, “Well, as long as they aren’t moving into my territory, I’m good with it.”

Bentley, however, was less enthusiastic about the idea. The spare bedroom was next to his territory and he occasionally wandered in there to look around. Bentley thought, “But Dad, that’s part of my territory. And you know I don’t like sharing my territory!” Dad reassured Bentley, “Don’t worry. You’ll still have the entire lower floor and the kitchen to yourself. I promise. You didn’t really use that spare room anyway, since it’s full of junk.” Bentley grudgingly grunted, “OK”.

Dad spent the next few days clearing out the room and making it bunny-safe, making sure anything that shouldn’t be chewed was covered up or off of the floor. He gave them their own hay tunnel with three kinds of hay, cardboard boxes to chew on and hide in, a dining area, a bathroom, and several places to sleep.

When the big move-in day finally came, Auntie Lauren and Dad carried Mocha and Hobo from the garage to their new home. Dad said to Mocha, “I promised I would give you a better home someday. Well, here we are. It still needs some work, but at least you’re warm and safe indoors now. And you’re free to roam. No more cages. No more ex-pens. Welcome to the House of Buns!”

With that, Mocha and Hobo set out to explore their new home—and redecorate it to their liking.

​Dinner at Cafe Bunz & Carz.

​Dinner at Cafe Bunz & Carz.

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