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CHAPTER 240 – When Magic Happens

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 240 – When Magic Happens

Maybe it was months of familiarity. Maybe it was Dad petting them together so she felt protected. Or maybe it was just the magic of the season. After almost a year of living with Enzo, Abigail decided it was time to see if she could trust Enzo.

Enzo flopped on his side and relaxed. Abigail knew this was a good sign. He wouldn’t chase after her from that position. She screwed up her courage and crept over to him. Just like her “now or never moment” with Dad, she stared at him nose-to-nose. She was ready to bolt if he lunged but Enzo stayed put. Abigail took a step closer and groomed him.

To her surprise, Enzo still stayed in his place, so she saddled up beside him. For Abigail, this was a huge step. She had never done this before. She settled down next to Enzo and sat with him for what seemed like an eternity.

Was it trust? Was it love? Abigail wasn’t sure. She needed more time to tell. But for now, she had taken a big step.  

Could it be love? Abigail snuggles up beside Enzo for the first time.

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