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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Who Will Protect the Little White Rabbit? (149)

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CHAPTER 149 – Who Will Protect the Little White Rabbit?

Bentley closed his eyes while Dad rubbed his temples and stroked his ears. They were sharing a quiet moment together before the day began. “I love this,” thought Bentley, “I don’t know why Dad does this, but I’m glad he does.” He wondered, “Dad, why do you like bunnies so much?”

Dad thought about it for a moment and replied, “Well, first of all, you’re all really cute. Second, there’s just something magical about having a rabbit running around the house – I can’t explain it. But maybe it goes back to my childhood. When I was a little boy, my mother read a children’s story to me called, ‘Who Will Protect the Little White Rabbit’.”

Dad went on to explain, “The story is about two boys who see a white rabbit who is being carried away by a cat. They rescue the rabbit and nurse it back to health. Then they argue over who should protect the rabbit. When a dog attacks the rabbit, one of the boys gets scared and runs inside. The other grabs a stick and chases the dog away. The moral of the story is that actions speak louder than words. When things got tough, one of the boys stepped up to truly protect the rabbit.

Well, Bentley, I guess you’re my little white rabbit. When you were in a tough spot and needed a home, I stepped up and took you in. Same for Mocha and Hobo. I’ll always protect you, my little white rabbit, as well as Abigail, Mocha, and Hobo. I promise.”

Bentley relaxed and chattered his teeth. He was a happy boy. He knew he was safe.

Dad and his mother translated the book (circa 1960) from Chinese into English and preserved the original drawings. You can view and/or purchase the book here: Rabbit Books | Who Will Protect the Little White Ra… | MagCloud

​Dad's desire to save rabbits may have started with this childhood book.

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