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Toss, chew, nudge, nibble, tug, crunch. Then repeat.

toss chew lunge then repeat

images-1Our friends love toys.

Rabbits especially love projects.  They are big planners.  And they do like to stay busy when they are awake.  Not ones for sitting and watching the world go by, they like to DO STUFF.

What happens when they don’t have things to keep them occupied?  Bad things.  Bad things happen.  The rabbit finds things to do, but not the things you might like.  Furniture, baseboards, all kinds of things become “toys”.  Bored bunnies are bad bunnies.

 We’ve got safe, glue-free, pesticide-free toys and edibles to keep everyone happy.  Below are some suggestions and examples.

What does you friend like to do?

Chew (this one is a given): fruit tree sticks, mobiles, fidget sticks, maize twists, cat tail  streamers

IMG_1053-104 fidget sticks

Crunch: okra pods, kudzu sachets, maypops

okra pods dried okra pod

 IMG_1055-106 maize and rye twists

Toss: vine balls, maize twists

Pull: mobiles, fruit tree sticks, fidget sticks, maize twists

IMG_1064-115 12" mobile

 rabbit_toys_large maypops

Nudge: vine balls, maypops

Burrow/dig: cocoa and seagrass mats

 sea_grass_mats_largeseagrass mat

 Send us some pics or little video clips of your rabbit enjoying these great toys, so we can share the love!

different small animal toys

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