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Belinda Says Hay: “Trains in the Night”

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I apologize in advance if this blog post “wanders.” My sleep is off, even though I'm eating plenty of half-napper mini-cookies. Healthy snackers are my favorite treats but they can’t fix this.

It’s all because my boyfriend’s companion and I are still “bunking” at my agent’s house. It's noisy here. 

No word on when we can move back home. I was ready a week ago, if you want to know the truth.

Not sure what my roommate is doing to the bottom level. To clean up from the flood.

But she should be done by now in my opinion. I thought she could just “swish” a mop around and run some fans and bingo. “Good as new.”

I don’t need it to be fancy and that goes double for my boyfriend’s companion. If you saw her pen you would agree. It’s not tidy and that’s all I am going to say.

Speaking of my best friend, she is having a hard time relaxing here. Even though she has everything she needs in her pen. “And then some.”

First of all, plenty of space to run around. It’s a double pen, with a big box for sleeping. Also two or three types of hay with herbal mix sprinkled on top.

Her pen also has a litter box which she has not used. Not even once. Instead, she uses “pee pads” that my agent spreads over the floor. I’m sorry for the language but that’s what she calls them.

These pads work so well that the team is adding them to the website. If someone in your house is having “issues” with the litter box, stay tuned.

It's nice that my boyfriend’s companion can take credit for a new product on the website. Which is a big accomplishment but come on. Of all things to be known for.

Anyway. Every night, my agent climbs over the wall of the pen and sits with my boyfriend’s companion.

She calls it “cuddle time” and there’s a lot of cooing and grooming. They carry on like they haven’t seen each other in years.

If they want to be in a little “clique” that’s none of my business. But when I see my agent hand-feed cilantro and dandelion to her it’s hard to stay quiet. She can eat off a plate. I do it every day.

After their little visit is over, my agent gives us our bedtime snackers and turns off the lights.

We listen as she walks downstairs to the bedroom level. And that’s when my boyfriend's companion starts.

“What is that sound?”

It’s the dog. He’s downstairs. Go to sleep.

Then I nod off for an hour or two. Until she wakes me again.

“Hey! Hey!”

When I open my eyes and look toward the pen, all I can see is a blob.

“There’s a truck outside. A delivery truck. "

That’s a train. For the millionth time. That is just a train.

It’s hard to fall asleep after these little “chats,” if you want to know the truth. But if I think about hay I can usually nod off in about 10 minutes.

The other night was the worst of all. A thunderstorm started in the “wee hours.”

I woke to the sound of rain tapping on the windows. I forgot where I was because the tapping was so fast and  loud. It sounded exactly like the rain on the  windows the night of the flood. 

My heart was pounding as I sat up. That’s when I heard metal rattling.

My boyfriend’s companion was pushing something through the bars of her pen.

“Take this,” she said. “I don’t need it.”

She gave it one final shove. I saw a flash of white settle on the floor.

It was a pee pad.

“Keep your new stash dry.”

The light through the curtains was dim and she was just a dark shape but I knew she was watching me.

I wanted to tell her we were safe. That we did not have to worry about water moving across the floor to ruin my willow and treats from Abigail.  

Instead I carried the bags of treats and willow branches, one  by one, and placed them in a pile on the pee pad.

She did not make a sound for the rest of the night.

And even though the rain and wind continued, I fell asleep quickly and did not wake again until my agent arrived with our breakfast.



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