Can guinea pigs eat grapes?


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?


Grapes – be they the red or green variety – are enjoyed by many guinea pigs.  But the important thing to remember when asking can guinea pigs eat grapes, is that you should only feed the seedless kinds.  Also, yummy grapes are, like many fruits, pretty high in sugar.  Eating too much sugar isn’t great for our piggies (exactly the same as for humans!), so only feed the odd grape to your pigs a few times per week. This is exactly what we explain in your video below which is titled can guinea pigs eat grapes:



Of course, the most important thing you can for your guinea pig is to make sure that you provide fresh water and top quality timothy hay.  We also need to have a supply of vitamin C fortified guinea pig pellets.  A sensible amount of fruit and vegetables can round out the diet.


We hope this post on guinea pigs and grapes was helpful.  Of course, if you ever have any serious concerns about any aspect of guinea pig health and nutrition, you should always consult a guinea pig savvy veterinarinarian.


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