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Weekly Cuties, April 10, 2021

04102021: WC-SIBLINGS

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They are there for you through tough times, mischievous ideas, and know how to annoy you just as you are ready to relax, siblings are many things, but above all they are forever. As they say, family is what you make it and not all siblings are blood. The sibling bond often forms with any spirit which you share love, friendship and respect. Today, April 10th, Siblings Day,  honors all the spectacular laughs, tears, and frustrations  we share through that special sibling bond. 💖


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Tell us what your furry friend's favorite Small Pet Select products are and why. We're are always looking for new celebrities!

#1.  Mama Lupita, Havana bun, and papa Rusty, Thrianta bun, have their paws full with their little ones, RJ, Squirrel, and Hoppy, Havana & Thrianta mix. These spunky siblings love to nibble on the mix of leaf and stems found in 2nd cut Timothy Hay and flavorful Rabbit Food Pellets. Lupita and Rusty know how to save money with 3 youngsters hoppin' about by Bundling their Hay and Food Pellets. We have a few more suggestions on Simple Ways to Save Money on Animal Care.

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#2. Chloe and Gino are two buns who understand the importance of sharing especially when it comes to hay. The key is to make sure you have enough and a variety of Oat and Timothy Hay!

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#3.  Mandy, Birkenstock, and Baby Yoda are 3 adopted siblings who revel in an assortment of treats, Chicken Grub Bugs, apples, raisins, parsley and lettuce, just to name a few.  For a bit of nutrition, these spritely hens scratch and peck at Chicken Layer Feed Non-GMO, Corn & Soy Free. Mandy, Birkenstock, and Baby Yoda have been wonderful pets from the moment they peeped into their human's lives, the eggs from these three are just icing on the cake!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Chicken page.

#4. Olive and Maude savor the soft leaf and fiber of Orchard Hay! For extra freshness these cavies use their green paw to grow Pet Greens Medley.

Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Guinea Pig page.

#5.  Thumper and Smiley are enjoying a bunderful conversation while lounging in their Soft Paper Bedding and Orchard Hay. For a little bit of variety, these buns throw in a bit of 3rd cut Timothy Hay!

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#6. Gabbie is an adventurous pig who enjoys nibbling on a variety of fruits and veggies, warm cuddles, and long walks on the beach (guinea pig beach). When she is not galivanting around, Gabbie spends her time tossing and crunching an array of toys from the Guinea Pig Toy Sampler! Printz is a cuddly pup who has perfected the art of "puppy dog eyes"! Printz and Gabbie are not just adopted siblings but also best friends. These two troublemakers  bring great joy to their family!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Natural Toys and Chews page.

#7. Fiver, Scarlet, Binks, Alexandria, and PumpkinSeeds are 5 siblings in a house full of love! Fiver and Scarlet, grey and black buns, are two playful buddies who like to wrestle over lettuce pieces and Meadow Loops

Alexandria and PumpkinSeeds enjoy lounging on their human's bed and taking naps in the sun, it's a rough life. Binks, the black & white bun, keeps a keen eye on the other 4, the mischievous ones. For energy and nutrition, Binks munches on​ 2nd cut Timothy Hay and Young at Heart Herbal Blend.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Herbal Blend page.

#8. Ginger Snap, curious bun, and Khloe, cuddly pup, are a pair of scallywags who have both developed the perfect innocent look. Ginger Snap is searching for her Alfalfa Hay Cubes treat after a tasty meal of 2nd cut Timothy Hay.

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#9. Sophie and Marley are two delightful buns who relish the many delectable flower heads and fiber in 1st cut Timothy Hay. These cheerful champs have an arrangement of their twists to nibble and munch on.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Healthy snacks and treats.

#10. Rosalie, Mooshie, Bullet, Brooklyn, and Bailey have quite a unique bond! Rosalie, Mooshie, Brooklyn, and Bailey snack on 1st cut Timothy Hay for protein and flavor. Bullet doesn't get too jealous, especially when he is celebrating birthdays!

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We sincerely appreciate all the pigtures and stories people email us, post on our social media accounts, and in our reviews. Watch this space; the cutie you submit to us just may make an appearance!

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