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What is the Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs?

best bedding for guinea pigs

Setting up your guinea pig’s home is fun! You get right down on their level and explore. While you’re down there, you might notice your guinea pig spends a lot of time with their face in their bedding. Breathing in… what exactly? Before you know it you’re headed into a deep search for the best bedding for guinea pigs. 

And we are here for it! Bedding is a huge part of a guinea pig’s habitat. Choosing the wrong bedding could cause problems with their respiratory system. Or even their digestive system

So let’s put together the most natural environment we can for these friends we love. There are certainly some red flags to watch out for. But there are also choices on the road to the best bedding for guinea pigs.

What To Avoid When Choosing  Guinea Pig Bedding

best bedding for guinea pigs

The number one thing that people look for when choosing a home is safety. And it’s certainly hard to feel at home with toxins and harmful chemicals. The same goes for guinea pigs. And luckily, you usually have more control over your pet’s environment than you do your own. The best bedding for guinea pigs is the bedding that keeps them safe. 

When you’re shopping for the best bedding for guinea pigs, these are the top five red flags to avoid. 

Bedding With Dust

There isn’t just one type of bedding that has dust, so be careful where you buy your bedding from. We’re not just talking about sawdust here, even paper bedding can have dust. Quality guinea pig bedding will be labeled low-dust. 

Those tiny dust particles will get into a cute nose and before you know it they’re messing with your piggie’s respiratory system. It’s like living in a house you’re allergic to! 

Cat Litter 

Clay bedding like cat litter is very dangerous for guinea pigs. Cat litter clumps together when wet so that it’s easier to remove from a litter box. However, this makes it very difficult to remove from a pet's stomach. Guinea pigs can’t throw up the way a cat can.

If your guinea pig eats the cat litter it could clump together in their stomach and cause a serious blockage. 

Bedding with Artificial Scents and Chemicals 

Sometimes people get a little excited about scented bedding and forget to think about where these scents are coming from. Chemicals can smell very good. And if you can smell the bedding from where you’re standing, just imagine how strong the smell is where your guinea pig is standing!

The only time scented bedding is safe is when the scent is coming straight from the source. Like our Lavender Paper Bedding

Cedar Shavings

Cedar shavings contain large amounts of aromatic oils which are very dangerous for guinea pigs. Pine shavings that aren’t heat-treated pose a similar risk. If you’re looking for wood shavings then kiln-dried pine and aspen shavings are good options. 

Paper That Has Been Printed On 

Any paper that has been printed on and then reused as bedding can have harmful toxins on it. This includes homemade bedding from newspapers. So keep the newspaper out of your piggie’s bathroom. 

best bedding for guinea pigs

The Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs Depends On Your Pets Unique Needs 

If you want to do more listening and less reading, our guinea pig expert Saskia will take you through the different types of guinea pig bedding in this video.

There isn’t only one best bedding for guinea pigs. But we’re going to start off our list with the most popular choice, and the one that is best for most guinea pigs - soft paper bedding. 

Soft Paper Bedding

Soft paper bedding is exactly what it sounds like! Actually softer than it sounds. You don’t always think “soft” when you grab a piece of paper. But this soft paper bedding is amazing under your guinea pig’s feet. It’s made from paper pulp that’s transformed into absorbent, fluffy, and ultra-comfy material. 

Pet owners are free to choose between two choices: bleached and unbleached paper bedding. Unbleached is perfect for guinea pigs with urinary infections, as it allows the owner to observe them more closely.


Aspen Bedding

Made from the Aspen tree, this shaved-wood bedding is a super absorbent and all-natural option for your fluffy friend. It’s also completely biodegradable, giving your guinea pig an organic environment to thrive in.

guinea pig bedding

Pine Pellet Bedding

This pellet bedding is made from pine trees. It’s another great, super-absorbent, all-natural bedding selection. Because pellet bedding is a bit harder on your fur baby's feet, it’s often used as the bottom layer in your pet’s cage. 

For best results, top the pellet bedding with a softer option like paper or wood to provide your pet with extra comfort.

pine pelleted bedding

Small Pet Select Has The Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Small Pet Select is dedicated to the happiness and well-being of tiny pets everywhere. If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable, and sustainable materials for your tiny pet, we’ve got your back. 

Browse our selection of beddings for guinea pigs and make your furry friend as comfortable and joyful as possible. 

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