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When do chickens stop laying?

When do chickens stop laying?

People always ask, "which came first, the chicken or the egg" but how come there's no saying about when chickens stop laying? I don't have the answer to either question, but I can tell you when chickens stop laying.

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A quick review

If you’re new to backyard chickens or a new Small Pet Select customer, you might have missed our helpful blogs on chickens and eggs. So here's a list for you:

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The answer

Hens reach peak laying production during their first year. When they turn two, their egg production starts to decrease slightly. After that, production drops until they are six or seven years old. Most chickens stop laying at six or seven.

Our resident chicken eggspert, Shelby, shared that her girls, aka the freeloaders, stopped laying around six. She added that the age when chickens stop laying varies by breed. Helga, her most stubborn hen, continued to lay eggs way past six.

Non-laying hens help in other ways

Even if your sweet girls stop laying, they still can help you around the garden by:

  • Eating leftover human food (omnivores)
  • Composting chicken waste creates eggcellent garden fertilizer
  • They eat the bugs in your garden
  • Being loving family pets
  • Providing backyard security (Shelby's chickens excel at this)
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And there you have it…when do chickens stop laying? We'd love to hear about your flock's egg-laying or your ladies in general. Please email us or comment on our socials.

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