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3 Healthy Chinchilla Toys That Will Make Your Chinchilla Love You More

You walk by your chinchilla cage and notice your chinchilla staring at you. You check yourself in the mirror and no there’s nothing on your face. They just want more chinchilla toys. More love.

Makes sense! Your chinchilla cage looks boring. If its boring to you, then it definitely is boring to your chinchilla. 

Let’s get into a habit of changing things up for your furry friend. They will love you for it! Especially if everything is natural and chewable.

But you know you have the best chinchilla toys when they get your chinchilla up and moving! Because in order for your chinchilla to have long-term health, they must be happy and moving. Here are three healthy chinchilla toys to get your chinchilla busy.

Hay and Bark Balls

Hay and bark balls are the perfect chinchilla toys because they’re entirely safe to chew on! And of course, any ball has some roll to it, which gives your chinchilla something to push and chase. Check out the Willow Ball. It’s tightly woven with willow bark and hollow in the middle. 

healthy chinchilla toys

Terressa C. Review of Willow Ball

Devoured in a day!

My chinchillas devour these within a day they love them so much.

The Meadow Ball is made with meadow grass so again totally safe to take a bite out of. This ball is also tightly woven to give it a good roll!

chinchilla toys

Or grab a variety pack with the Ball Trio. Here you have one willow, one husk, and one natural twine.

A lot of chinchilla toys can expose your friend to toxins or even have them swallow something they can’t digest. Even with the most interesting cage, you don’t want to sit and supervise your chinchilla all day. Giving them these healthy toys allows you to go about your day with peace of mind that your chinchilla will be just fine playing without you! 

Hay and Stick Mobiles

Balls get your chinchilla pushing and mobiles get your chinchilla pulling. You definitely need both! Hay and stick mobiles encourage the tugging a chinchilla in the wild would do every day!

chinchilla toys

Braid Mobiles have hay cubes made from Timothy and Alfalfa hay. They also have other materials that vary seasonally. Your chinchilla could find akebia, blackberry stems, apple twigs, cattail, lambs quarter stems, sunroot, or sunflower stems. 

Mobiles are a project that your chinchilla can keep coming back to. They just want to get everything off! Let the pulling and tugging begin. 

Fidget Sticks

Have you ever seen your pet rearrange their cage? They want to get everything just right with their chinchilla toys. Kind of like you rearranging the living room furniture. 

Let your chinchilla freshen up their space with some Rye Fidget Sticks. These are fun because they're easy for your chinchilla to move around with them as they snack!

It’s a toy and a snack all in one. The best kind of toy! Pick up some Meadow Fidget Sticks too so your chinchilla can have choices. Then watch and see which ones disappear first!

Bonus: The Wonderland Playset

Here’s a fourth idea for you. If you’re looking to really ramp up your chinchilla enclosure, a wonderland playset will thrill your little guy. This gives them the perfect hideout that’s also good to climb on top of. It’s made of natural wood so it's totally safe to chew as well. 

There’s also a tunnel and a bridge that you can add to the hideout. Giving your chinchilla even more to explore! It also gives you the perfect place to hide some of your chinchilla toys like balls and fidget sticks. Which encourages natural foraging behavior. 

And this play table is the perfect place for mobiles!

chinchilla toys

Chinchillas were made for playing and exploring. The more you can give them to encourage this, the better! A natural toy-filled life is a happy life.

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