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Belinda Says Hay: “A Photo Blog”

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Happy Sunday. I hope you had a good week.

I had an excellent week because I'm back home. Meaning I'm writing this on the bottom level but not in my office under the steps. Or should I say "former office."

More on that another day. I'm still getting used to things. 

Anyway, the important part about home isn't your office being turned into a closet. What matters is that everyone's fine.

My roommate and the English are upstairs watching "The Love Boat." My boyfriend's companion is down here with me. In her new pen.  

She keeps chattering about all the "improvements" my roommate made since the flood. I keep saying congratulations.

I'm happy for her and her pen. She never had an office and still doesn't. That makes two of us.

Enough of that. Today's blog is about photos from Midwest BunFest. 

I have a video to show too but I can't figure out the video "gizmo." 


If you don't see it "magically appear" at the bottom of this post then look for it on the Small Pet Select Facebook page It's a video I made in Columbus. 

But first I hope you enjoy these "highlights" from Midwest BunFest 2019.

The best part of Midwest BunFest was meeting so many new friends.

Here I am posing in the hall after the photography presentation. Trying to "look professional."

We were just goofing around. 

Some of the Small Pet Select team at our booth. "Bright and early" before the doors opened. 

Others were back at "headquarters" or at home or maybe at the warehouses. No one in particular but I wasn't sure who would be there.

That's why I'm looking the wrong way. Kept expecting someone to walk around the corner pushing a "dolly." You never know.  

By the way. When I talk about my Hay House idea I mean something like the "wall of boxes" behind Mr. Gordon. Imagine the same "prototype" with 300 hay bales. Eight feet high. Also add a roof and sides.

"Bingo." There's your new office. If you need one. 

Here's Rodney showing off the rescue transport van. His "co-pilot" and "co-driver" Jodie was inside at the Bunnies on Board table.

I thought Pittsburgh to Columbus was far. But Rodney and Jodie drive rabbits all over the country.

Which is super nice and makes me wish I could drive, if you want to know the truth.

Abigail flew all the way from California with her "dad," Maurice.

Just kidding. That's a cardboard version.

The funny thing about that is "cardboard Abigail" looks good in every photo. No nodding off, if you know what I mean. 

By the way, Abigail isn't the only one who didn't come to BunFest.

Please excuse my big head but I wanted to show you a few of the "Hopaloooza" rabbits. Part of a big fundraiser for Ohio House Rabbit Rescue.

I could not stop looking at them. There were 30 and each one was a work of art. 

Not to be rude but one looked a lot like me.  I would have thrown a whole "stack of Benjamins" at the auction for that rabbit. I don't carry cash when I travel.

Anyway I didn't want that rabbit for myself. It would be a gift. "For a work friend."

Something to put on a high shelf. If you have a lot of shelves in your building.

Last but not least. This is a photo my friends Ken and Bev took at "The Belinda Method: How to Take Better Photos of Rabbits" presentation.   

For weeks I've been trying to learn PowerPoint. Which I don't even have.

Turns out I panicked over nothing.  All I had to do was sit in my Belindamobile. "And observe." 

At one point the speaker said something "off-script" so I made that sample bag of alfalfa fall on my head.  

Everyone laughed but I planned the whole thing.  As a distraction.

That was fun and so was the whole weekend.

I had a wonderful time meeting rabbits and people. I wish everyone could come to Midwest BunFest. Especially coworkers I met there in the past. For efficiency. 

Do you have rabbit events in your town? If yes, I hope you can go. With or without your rabbits.

A big "thank you" and congratulations to Ohio House Rabbit Rescue for an A+ event. I can't wait for next year. 



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