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Belinda Says Hay: “Are You Going to Midwest BunFest?”

Belinda Says Hay_Are You Going to Midwest BunFest

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I’m in my last-minute scramble for Midwest BunFest. “Hitting the road” for Columbus on Thursday morning. Have to get there early for team meetings and to set up the booth. 

But first I want to thank everyone who sent nice messages about my chew toy invention. Rabbits will love it in my opinion.

However, I have some “friendly advice.” If you run into my agent at BunFest, don’t bring it up.

My invention is a sore subject right now. That’s because those boxes of hay were off limits.

When my agent walked in and saw hay spread all over the floor she “flipped out.” There is no other way to describe it.

“Belinda! What did you do?”

She grabbed a broom and started sweeping. She was so mad she didn’t talk.

Turns out those boxes of hay were on their way to local rescues. My agent was planning to donate them.

Nobody mentioned any of that to me. When I see a box of hay my first thought is “wonder what’s inside.” Could be alfalfa or third-cut timothy. Only one way to find out.

The good news is after she finished cleaning up I heard her on the phone with Josh from the warehouse. Ordering more hay. So the rescues will get something good for their stash.

But I still felt terrible about what I did. Which I do not need with all the  stress of these BunFest deadlines.

I have only six days to get my photography presentation done. Plus packing. And working on some "swag bags." Which I'm not supposed to talk about.

Small Pet Select is a BunFest sponsor again this year. And we have all kinds of goodies and surprises.

Be sure to stop by our booth on Saturday and say hi.

I had the time of my life the last time I went to Midwest BunFest. For one thing, I got to meet Josh from the warehouse.

This year I’ll see team members from all over the country. Mr. Gordon. Abigail’s dad. Some of the customer service folks. “And many more.”

We’re hosting a hospitality suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Friday and Saturday nights. The whole thing starts at 7 p.m. Not sure if I’ll be asleep in my own room by then but I hope you can be there.

You might be wondering how I’m getting to Columbus. That’s a good question.

With all the drama with my agent, I'm not sure I want to spend three hours in the car with her. If you know what I mean. Could be a quiet ride.

If anyone reading this is driving past Pittsburgh (PA), let me know if there's room in your car for me. 

I'll have an extra large carrier, an exercise pen, a tarp, a box of hay (slightly chewed), a tripod, studio lights, a cooler for greens, and a large case full of throw rugs and dinnerware. 

Thank you.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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