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Belinda Says Hay: “Belixa”

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Did you ever wonder who came up with Daylight Saving Time? "Spring back" and "fall forward." 

Or vice versa. Either way I'll be out of whack. 

For one thing I'll sleep through meetings for the next two weeks. I can't help it.

My roommate says "Just set an alarm Belinda." Well I've never owned a clock and I don't plan to get one now. 

Anyway back to the "wise guy" behind Daylight Saving Time.

His name is George Hudson and get this. He was an insect specialist in New Zealand. My homeland.

Ever since I found out about this I have been curious about something. 

I would like to know if George caught any "flack" when he blurted out his big idea. To the people in charge of clocks.

I wonder if they told him it was "impractical" to expect everyone in New Zealand to shift the day forward an hour.  Just so he would have more light after work to look at bugs.

I wonder if they laughed in his face. And said this will never fly.

Well "at the end of the day" George Hudson won. And two can play at this game, if you know what I mean. 

I'm talking about "thinking outside the box." In the New Zealand tradition.

On that note I am proud  to announce a new invention of my own. It's going to change everything. Starting with the warehouse.

I got the idea at the hotel where I stayed for Midwest Bunfest.

Every morning I would ride up and down the hall in my Belindamobile. It was relaxing. Helped me to think.

You can watch a video of me here.

As I rolled along I thought about room service. How it was like the delivery trucks that bring boxes from Josh and the warehouse to my front door.

I wondered how the room service staff know what items to leave outside Room 345 for example. 

Maybe they take an "educated guess." They deliver meals to hundreds of people a week. They know what hotel guests like.

That's when it hit me. 

I know what rabbits like. 

All I needed was an easy way to find out what they needed "in real time." And once I knew, I needed an easy way to order snackers, hay, paper litter, chew toys and so forth from the warehouse. 

That means a tech  gizmo. Something "sound-activated" and built to look like a small rabbit statue. Or a pair of rabbit ears.

I decided to call it the "Belixa." 

Right now it's in the design stage. But if I can find someone to build it "to my specs," I hope to get the first shipment of Belixas to my friends around the country before Christmas.

They can simply place the Belixa on a shelf in their living room or kitchen. "Wherever rabbits are  found."

Then I will listen for "audio  clues" so I know what to ask Josh to pack up and send to their houses. 

These audio clues include thumping, chewing, chattering, honking, dish-flipping, pen-rattling and the sound of grocery bags. I can hear bags even when I'm in a deep sleep. 

Speaking of sleep. I'm nodding off.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the Belixa.

If my fellow "Kiwi" George Hudson were here, I think he would call it "an idea ahead of its time."



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