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Belinda Says Hay: “I Ruined the Holidays”

Belinda Says Hay: I Ruined the Holidays

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I guess it’s all over the internet. How I “crashed the tractor” last week.

I messed up the holiday advent calendar. Had the wrong day for my special.

How do you like that.

So I didn’t hit my numbers and my scheme fell apart. Meaning my secret plan to get money so I can buy Abigail a gift.

And that’s a real shame because I found the perfect present. A computer gizmo.

Even my roommate liked it. She was sweeping under the steps, which I did not ask her to do, when she noticed the Amazon page on my screen.

“Is this what you’re getting Abigail for Christmas? She’ll love it.”

She leaned closer to get a better look.

 “Wow. That’s pretty expensive, Belinda.”

If only she would stay out of my office.

Also, I don’t care about the money. Abigail will be happy and that’s what Christmas is all about.

Anyway, back to my big mistake.

The holiday advent calendar comes around only once a year so it’s a big deal. The way it works is, every day from Dec. 1 to 24, there is a new surprise behind the date block. Just click on the number to see a special toy or treat.

Sometimes it’s a bundle that you can buy just that day. “Use it or lose it.”

Well, just like last year, the company let me come up with a “Belinda’s Bundle.” They said I could pick what to include and that meant working overtime.  

Researching what rabbits like. Running “analytics.” Taste-testing hay and treats. Not to brag but there’s a lot that goes into it.

My recommendation was to start with a box of alfalfa and a bag of holiday snackers. Cranberry apple.

For the humans, I added a snowman ornament and stocking.

The company threw in a Belinda Bunniccino Mug, some stickers and a signed glossy photo. Plus a magnet.

Now as far as I’m concerned a bundle like that should “fly off the shelves.” I expected record-breaking sales, if you want to know the truth.

Did I tell Josh to rent a second warehouse like I did last year?  No. Not my job.

I planned to promote it as usual. But after I read some of my new book, “Think and Grow Rich,” it hit me like a hay ball.

That Belinda’s Bundle was my golden ticket. To getting cash for Abigail’s gift.

Because according to the book, all I had to do was come up with a good scheme and bingo. The money would roll in.

I looked up the reports from last year and before long I had a plan.

I would simply make a bet with my agent to double last year’s sales for my advent calendar special. If I hit my numbers for my day, Day 16, she would have to give me the money I needed. 

If I didn’t hit my numbers, we would just forget the whole thing.

In the meantime, all I had to do is use some ideas out of “Think and Grow Rich” to hype the Belinda’s Bundle a bit. Then sit back and watch it sell out.

Here’s the part of the story where everything falls off the back of the truck.

The Belinda’s Bundle went live on Day 9.

Last Sunday. 

But I was gearing up for Day 16. Which is today.

"Day 16" was in my mind all along but that’s not what the spreadsheet says. Spokesrabbits mess up dates but spreadsheets don’t.

So I didn’t have time to promote the bundle or use my scheme. 

Instead, last Sunday I was on Facebook begging everyone to buy the Belinda’s Bundle.

I even asked the tech team to make my post go viral which shows how desperate I was. Asking them for help after what they did to my blog.

I wanted to dig a hole and crawl inside. Still do.

Thank you to everyone for all the nice messages. When you make the biggest mistake of your career, you really need your friends around. That’s one thing I learned this week.

Enough of all that. "Back to business."

I hope you will look at today’s special on the holiday advent calendar. It’s something fancy for New Year’s Eve. Which I probably won’t be celebrating.



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