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Belinda Says Hay: “Photo Blog — ‘If I Were a Cutie’”

Belinda Says Hay Blog Masthead: If I Were a Cutie

Hello. It's Belinda.

I have a favor to ask. It's at the end. 

Today's post is a photo blog. I hope  you don't mind.

It's based on the "Cutest Cutie of Them All" photo contest.

Remember to enter a photo of your "cutie." There are five prizes and they are all A+.

The grand prize winner gets the biggest stash of all: a 20 pound box of 2nd cutting Timothy,  a snacker bundle (5 types), 5 bags of herbal blends, jumbo paper bedding, a hairbuster comb, pellets, a Wonderland Table, a digging platform, a 12-toy sampler, a castle, castle tunnel, castle ramp and bridge, gourmet hay, hay cubes (5lb), fruit sampler (3 types), a sampler hay box ...

And free hay for a year.

To enter a "Cutest Cutie" photo, click here. 

I'm not allowed to enter for two reasons. One, I work for the company. Two, I'm not cute enough.

In fact, I've always worried that a lionhead would be a better match for this spokesrabbit job. 

The second blog I ever wrote was about this. The lionhead situation.  

I don't think about it much any more. I have other things on my mind, like the time system I invented.  "Rabbit Standard Time."

I'm still working out the details on that. Too much math.

That's why I'm doing a photo blog today. I need a break.

So I thought I would give you some help choosing a good photo for the "Cutest Cutie" contest. 

Here are my tips:

Belinda the spokesrabbit poses with an empty hay holder.

If I were a cutie I would pose by this empty hay holder.

And it wouldn't be empty for long. So I would get some timothy or orchard hay and my roommate would get a good photo for the contest.

If I were a cutie my roommate would never draw a portrait of me looking like this. 

I know it was just a prank but come on. My nose isn't that big.

So if any of you are "wiseacres" do not send photos like this to the contest. There's too much at stake.

If I were a cutie I would jump all over the bed whenever I wanted. And my photo would win a prize.

This is from Midwest BunFest. I was on a "working vacation" so I got away with "smooshing" the pillows.

I was just goofing around. 

Belinda Spokesrabbit Eats a Flower

If I were a cutie I would chew with my mouth open. And nobody would tell me that I'm ruining the photo.

This is one of my favorites. Josh from the warehouse sent these "edible flowers" to me. 

If I were a cutie I wouldn't get in trouble for this.

Everyone would say "That Belinda is a rascal." And then I would win a few more boxes of hay. 

Well I hope you liked my tips for choosing a good "Cutest Cutie" photo. 

Please tell your friends.

Share this blog so they know about the grand prize. And so they see my photos.

I want to help everyone get a chance to win. It's good to have a big stash of snacks. 

Even if you aren't the cutest.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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