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Belinda Says Hay: “Rabbit O’clock”

Belinda Says Hay "Rabbit O'clock"

Hello. It's Belinda.

If you are reading this on Sunday, I suppose you are feeling well-rested.

Because "we" set the clocks back an hour.

Everyone got to "sleep in." But also wake at the exact same time as always.

It's nonsense. My breakfast is probably late.

belinda time clock

Six months ago "we" set the clocks forward.

And everyone woke up grouchy. At least in this house. 

I don't know why we bother.

My roommate tells me people go through this "rigmarole" to make the day longer.

Well it doesn't work. One day has 24 hours. No more no less.

You can try all your "voodoo" with the clock. Moving the numbers back and forth.

At the end of the day that's what you get. The end of the day.

See what I did there.

Anyway back in the spring I decided "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

And I invented Rabbit Standard Time (RST). It's all based on your homeland.

For example, I'm from New Zealand. "Per" my papers from the shelter.

In "RST" I would be writing this blog 17 hours in the future. That's because in New Zealand it's tomorrow already.

I told Abigail the novelist about it too. She lives in California but she's a "dwarf" from the Netherlands. Which is eight hours ahead of California.

If she switched to "RST" we would have to figure out a new time for our weekly meetings. Because I would be nine hours ahead of her.

Rabbit Standard Time is a genius invention in my opinion. 

But I couldn't get anyone else "on board." So I have to stay in Eastern Standard Time. "For now."

Which reminds me. I'm running late.

It's 30 seconds past "rabbit o'clock."

Also known as treat time. 

Sincerely, Belinda
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