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Can Chinchillas Eat Blueberries?

can chinchillas eat blueberries?

Some foods in your kitchen might make you think, “Hey this is natural, I could find this in nature!" So, can chinchillas eat blueberries? 

The short answer is they can, but it’s probably better if they don’t. Chinchillas have very sensitive digestive systems and treats like blueberries can really throw them for a loop. 

Now, if you’re here because you really really want to give your chinchilla a blueberry, the safest amount to give is half of a blueberry once a week. That’s it! Any more than that and you can run into problems. 

Let’s talk a bit about those problems and then we will discuss some better ways to treat your chinchilla. 

What Makes Blueberries Hard For Chinchillas To Digest

There are somewhat mixed opinions on how much fiber a chinchilla needs, sources cite anywhere from 15% to 30%. A blueberry is only 2.4% fiber. Doesn’t quite fit the bill. 

But you know what does have the perfect amount of fiber for a chinchilla?


Why mess with perfection? Your chinchilla will feel their absolute best with a great pile of high-quality hay available 24/7.

High Water Content

Wild chinchillas live in the dry Andes Mountains which are located near the Atacama desert. Their bodies have evolved to live with very little water and to hold on to the water that they do get. 

Blueberries have a high water content! The colon absorbs water but if your chinchilla has too much water then the colon won’t absorb it. As a result, you’ll see the excess water in loose watery stools.

can chinchillas eat blueberries?

Too Much Fructose

A blueberry is 10% fructose which is more than your chinchilla should be eating of any kind of sugar. This much fructose isn’t good for their health which is why blueberries can’t be a daily/regular part of your chinchilla’s diet. 

So when you do give your chinchilla a blueberry as a rare treat, their body won’t be familiar with digesting that level of fructose. Fructose that isn’t absorbed properly in the gut can cause bloating and diarrhea. It gets stuck in the colon and ferments! 

Chinchillas Are Very Sensitive To Diet Changes 

Chinchillas do best on a consistent predictable diet. Their colon wants to know exactly what it’s getting into every day. By adding in rare treats or trying to get your pet excited with treats, you are setting them up for an upset stomach. 

That’s the biggest problem with blueberries and other sweets, chinchillas love them. So it’s hard to be a responsible parent!

Can Chinchillas Eat Blueberries And Not Get Diarrhea?

Some chinchillas can handle a very small amount of blueberries. As mentioned above, we’re talking about cutting one blueberry in half and giving it to your chinchilla as a treat.

Blueberries aren’t poisonous to chinchillas so they don’t need to be on the “never” list. But your chin can certainly have a happy, healthy life, without them. 

Just remember not all chinchillas are the same and what works for one chinchilla might not sit well with another. So if you do decide to try blueberries as treats make sure you observe to see how your chinchilla is reacting to it. 

The Best Ways To Treat Your Chinchilla

But what about birthdays?! Don’t worry we have birthdays covered. A treat is simply something your chinchillas can get excited about. And Small Pet Select has quite a bit to be excited about. 

Hay Treats

Treats made from hay check the fiber box! They also give your chinchilla’s digestive system something it's used to. All while giving your chinchilla a new crunchy snack. 

Hay cubes are simply hay pressed into cubes and chinchillas love them! They can also help you bond with your chin

Toys and Chews

Something new to chew on or move around the enclosure is very exciting for a chinchilla. It helps them live out their foraging instincts. Toys are where you can safely give your chinchilla variety!

Variety is important for mental stimulation, so don’t count out toys when you’re looking for a treat for your chinchilla!

Can Chinchillas Eat Blueberries Every Day?

This is a clear no. Chinchillas need the far majority of their diet to be strictly hay with a small amount of pellets. This is all they need to live a happy healthy life. A daily blueberry can really throw a wrench in things. 

In conclusion, if you must have blueberries in your chinchilla’s life, keep them at the bare minimum. And don’t worry if you aren’t giving your chinchilla fruit. They will do great without it!



Chinchilla research is continuously growing! If you have any doubts or concerns contact your exotic vet.

We are not veterinarians, and none of our information should be construed as veterinary advice.

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