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Is my rat a guy or gal?

Is My Rat a Guy or a Gal?

Even though boy and girl rats are just as cute and cuddly as the other, it’s super important to know what sex you own, or what sex you’re planning to own… we can’t keep different sexes in the same cage. They’ll likely end up fighting. And you’ll probably soon have a bunch of new kittens … Continue Reading

Best books for rat owners

Best Books on Rats

So, we all love a good book, right? But I love-love a good book when it’s about… you guessed it… rats! There are some really great books out there that don’t just tell us, but show us why rats are one of the best companions. Ever.Misunderstood, Rachel ToorSo, as you all probably already know, I’m … Continue Reading

Can rats eat cheese

Can Rats Eat Cheese?

I grew up in the late 80’s, early 90’s, and one of my favorite memories was waking up on Saturday morning to watch the latest and greatest Tiny Toon Adventures. Anyone remember Ruby and Roderick Rat? They were fancy. Like so many portrayals of rats on tv, I saw them a lot with big ol’ … Continue Reading

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