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How to pick up and hold a gerbil

How many of you love to cook? 🙋‍♀️ Yup, me too! However, for me, when adding eggs to a recipe, it is always a 50-50 shot if they actually make it into the bowl or pan. This is because eggs are slippery little suckers! Guess what else is shaped like an egg? A pet gerbil. Therefore, when handling gerbilicious, we need to be careful. So today, we will review how to pick up and hold a gerbil.

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How to pick up and hold a gerbil: 3 steps

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Gerbils are tiny and move fast. Additionally, as prey animals, it’s essential to be gentle when handling them as they may scare easily. We’d like to thank our friends at PDSA for their gerbil handling advice:

Step 1: Arrange your hands like a cup on either side of your gerbil.

Step 2: Scoop up your gerbil so their paws are flat on your palm, with the other hand covering their back.

Step 3: Before moving while holding your gerbil, ensure they are secure. As a precaution, do this over a flat surface like a shallow box. If your gerbil slips out, they need to be low to this surface, so they aren't injured.

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Seems pretty simple, right? Practice makes perfect. However, don’t stress your gerbil out by practicing picking up and holding them 100 times daily. What methods do you use to pick up and hold a gerbil? Let us know by commenting on our socials or emailing us.

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