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Play time for pet rats: how much do they need?

How does the saying go? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? The same thing goes for our rattie friends. These playful rodents enjoy spending time with their hoomans. How much exercise/play time do they need every day? We explain how much time is sufficient for play time for pet rats. Also, we’ve got some suggestions to prep the play area.

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How long?

All the consulted experts stated that 1-2 hours daily is sufficient play time for pet rats. However, depending on their comfort with handling and age, consider breaking up the time into several periods throughout the day.

Ease into play time outside the enclosure

Your rats might not be ready for you to pick them up right after you bring them to their forever home. As prey animals, while they do have a playful nature, they need to trust their pawrents. So work on playing and interacting with them inside their home until they’re ready to expand their horizons.

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Planning for playtime: prepping the play area

That was a lot of Ps in one statement!! Rats move fast and like to chew on things. Therefore, consider doing the following before you start your play time for pet rats: 

  • Choose a quiet, climate-controlled space.
  • Use baby gates or exercise pens to create a safe space.
  • Use electric cord covers or remove access to anything using electricity.
  • Put everything away that might be dangerous to your rat.
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Play time for pet rats and enrichment activities can be as much fun for you as for your precious pets. Play time is essential to stimulate your ratties’ minds, relieve stress and built-up energy, and improve your bond.

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