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Skin and Fur Parasites on Rabbits

All bunnies have gorgeous fur…even our handsome and sweet brown mixed breed Rocky born at the Las Vegas Dumpsite. However, most animals, including rabbits, are susceptible to skin and fur parasites. So today, we’re going to discuss parasites in rabbits, specifically those on/in their skin and fur.

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What is a parasite?

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a parasite as "an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense. Parasites exist in a huge variety, including animals, plants, and microorganisms. They may live as ectoparasites on the surface of the host...or as endoparasites in the gut or tissues..., and cause varying degrees of damage or disease to the host."

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Skin and fur parasites in rabbits and treatment

We’re grateful to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF), the Best4bunny, and the House Rabbit Society for explaining the varieties of skin and fur parasites in rabbits.

WARNING: DO NOT TREAT SKIN AND FUR PARASITES IN RABBITS WITHOUT INVOLVING YOUR EXOTIC VETERINARIAN. There are no rabbit-specific treatments, and some parasite medications for other animals are deadly to rabbits.

In closing...prevention is key

The best way to prevent any skin and fur parasites on rabbits is to perform regular health checks on your rabbit. Check out our helpful blogs on simple and advanced health checks.

Also, we carry our very own parasite prevention…Pestavert! (say that three times fast). It’s excellent for all species bothered by external parasites. We explain more here. After reading, you can purchase either the gelor spray versions. They work equally well!

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