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Guinea pig grease gland

Caring for Guinea Pigs’ Grease Glands

You may have noticed a gunky spot around the area where you’d find your guinea pig’s wannabe tail. The grease gland, also known as the caudal gland, produces secretions for scenting and marking purposes. True to its name, the dime-sized area emits an oily, greasy, or waxy substance. A little yucky, but totally normal.Do All … Continue Reading

right brush for rabbits

The right brush for rabbits

Every rabbit needs to be groomed regularly.  Rabbits are a little bit vain!  They fluff and clean themselves quite a bit, and they end up swallowing some of that extra fur.  This can lead to intestinal blockages, so it is worth helping out and doing weekly grooming.  Some rabbits really like the attention too!  But … Continue Reading

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