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Guinea pig grease gland

Caring for Guinea Pigs’ Grease Glands

You may have noticed a gunky spot around the area where you’d find your guinea pig’s wannabe tail. The grease gland, also known as the caudal gland, produces secretions for scenting and marking purposes. True to its name, the dime-sized area emits an oily, greasy, or waxy substance. A little yucky, but totally normal.Do All … Continue Reading

trying to clip rabbit's nails

Nail Care for Rabbits

​She may disagree with us, but most house rabbits can’t (shouldn’t??) wear down their nails enough by digging indoors. Carpet simply doesn’t provide enough friction to keep them nicely filed. Super active rabbits may need assistance in the mani/pedi department a little less often, but occasional nail trims are a part of living the bun … Continue Reading

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