Natalie Riggs

bunny body language

Bunny Body Language

Rabbits talk to fellow buns as well as to us hoomans, but not in the traditional sense. The best way to understand what your rabbit is trying to communicate is to observe her body language. A rabbit’s ears are incredibly expressive. She also expresses herself through vocalizations, movements, and other behavior cues you’ll start to … Continue Reading

lethal white guinea pigs

Lethal White Guinea Pigs

Lethal white guinea pigs may have a shorter lifespan than normal piggies, but they still have plenty of love to give. Most are blind and missing one or more front teeth. Some are also deaf, and many will have chronic dental disease, deformities, neurological deficiencies, and gastrointestinal problems. While their time with us may be … Continue Reading

My rabbit's pee looks weird

Rabbit Urine Color

Help! My Rabbit’s Pee is a Weird ColorWhen we think of “normal” rabbit pee, most of us are familiar with that cloudy, pale yellow color. But a healthy rabbit’s urine can range from almost clear to dark yellow, bright orange, brown or deep red. In most cases technicolor urine isn’t anything to worry about. Some … Continue Reading

Flabby Buns Aren’t Cute

Flabby Buns Aren’t Cute

​A chubby bunny face is admittedly adorable. But extra pounds can mean extra health problems – and extra vet bills. Not cute. Dr. Alicia McLaughlin, veterinarian at the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell, Washington recognizes that obesity is a big problem in pet rabbits. She explains how rabbits are prone to many … Continue Reading