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Natalie Riggs

bonding basics

The Buddy Bath

Guinea pigs are instinctively social creatures. Almost all guinea pigs are happier with a friend, although it’s best to let them choose a pal, rather than plop two strangers together and hope they become BFFs. Think about it. Guinea pigs live in groups in the wild, but they get to choose their own network. And … Continue Reading

arthritis in rabbits

Arthritis in Rabbits

​Getting older has its perks. Wisdom. Unlimited half naps. Smaller indoor buns can see lifespans into their teens, and even larger household rabbits can push 10 years or more. But with age comes some pesky rites of passage. Most rabbits over six years of age have arthritis to some degree, but younger rabbits aren’t immune … Continue Reading

DIY Guinea Pig Treats

DIY Guinea Pig Treat Recipes

You don’t need to be a kitchen connoisseur to whip up some healthy DIY guinea pig treats. If you want to bust out the apron, there are plenty of safe recipes for guinea pigs that offer more nutrition and less fillers and preservatives than many store-bought treats.  And the directions couldn’t be easier! Simply grind, … Continue Reading

Timothy or oat hay?

Can Oat Hay Replace Timothy?

Having hay available for rabbits 24/7 is super important for their digestion and teeth. In fact, 80% of what your bun is eating should be fresh, quality rabbit hay. But eating the same snack all day every day can get a bit boring. Even rabbits appreciate some occasional variety when it comes to this diet … Continue Reading

Is baking soda toxic to guinea pigs?

Is Baking Soda Toxic to Guinea Pigs?

Small animal lovers fight plenty of losing battles every day. Stray guinea pig hay finds its way to a spotless carpet minutes after the vacuum cleaner’s job is done. Your black sweater laughs at the lint roller’s attempt to remove all signs of snuggles with your furry BFF. And odor? Even the most diligent cage … Continue Reading