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weight poopy bun cecals

Weight, poopy bum, and caecotrophs

 Overweight rabbits are prone to a lot of additional diseases and problems, as we have mentioned.  Diabetes, arthritis, liver issues, pancreatic problems, heart ailments…but some of the most visible issues, the ones you are most likely to notice first, start at the end.  The end of the rabbit.  The bum. Overweight rabbits can’t get back to … Continue Reading

spot checks for proper weight

More spot-checks for proper weight

Photo credit: Pinterest How often do you have your hands on your animal? Without going to check, can you describe how their bones feel under their skin?  OK, now actually go over there and put your hand right along the spine, where the back legs fit into the hip joints.  Do the bones under the skin feel … Continue Reading

lose that excess weight slowly

Rumps are meant to romp!

 Your rabbit or guinea pig may not posing in front of the mirror, turning this way and that, assessing the need for more Pilates.  But…you do need to keep an eye on their weight. (You may want to go back and take a look at “Does your rabbit have a muffin top”). Rabbits are athletes, and … Continue Reading

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