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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bentley’s Brunch (93)

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CHAPTER 93—Bentley’s Brunch

Dad peered under the bed. Bentley was flopped on his side, napping. “OK Bentley, I’m going out for brunch. Your brunch is ready, too. See you later,” said Dad. He always made sure he prepared breakfast for Abigail and Bentley before he left the house.

Dad loved Sunday brunch at the Ritz Carlton. There were food stations all around the room. And not just your normal breakfast items like eggs and pancakes. There were special treats like diem sum, a sushi bar, a salad bar, a cheese bar, and of course, the huge dessert station with all kinds of creative confections.

Dad circled the room. Where to start? The nice thing was, he was free to choose whatever he wanted—in any order he wanted. He set out to forage for the next tasty morsel.

Meanwhile, back at home, Bentley woke up from his half-nap. He did a big stretch and yawned, as rabbits do. He poked his head out from under the bed and looked around. “I’m hungry,” he thought, “What do I feel like eating?”

Like any fur kid, he hopped over to the dessert station first. “Oh good, Dad left some treats for me,” he thought. He nibbled on the treats. Then he went searching for other goodies. He pulled some Orchard hay out of the hay tube and nibbled on it. Then he tossed a Small Pet Select confetti ball around and pulled out some yummy little pieces. “Oh, look, fresh willow leaves! My favorite!” he thought, as he bit off a leaf from the branch.

Continuing on with his brunch, Bentley wandered into the next room. Waiting in the hay tunnel were his entrees—three kinds of hay—Timothy 2nd cut, oat hay, and Alfalfa. Bentley chewed on some oat hay first, his favorite. Then he ate some alfalfa. He skipped the Timothy and peered out of the hay tunnel. “Salad!” he thought.

He hopped onto his dinner table where the salad bar was located. “Oh boy, carrot tops!” he thought. Bentley loved carrot tops. He devoured the carrot tops quickly and then moved on to the dandelion leaves. He sniffed at the cilantro, the parsley, and the romaine lettuce, but decided to pass on those and save them for later.

Next to the salad bar was the “cereal bar” with three kinds of pellets. He sniffed each one and then nibbled on his favorite. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a juicy slice of fresh apple. “Yum!” he thought. That was the next tasty morsel. He finished up his meal with a little piece of fresh banana.

Bentley loved having the variety to choose from—and having the freedom to choose what he wanted to eat and when he wanted to eat it. Being master of his territory, he knew that whatever he didn’t eat would still be there later, so he could come back to it.

“I’m stuffed,” he thought. “Food coma!” Bentley ran back under the bed and flopped on his side—a happy and content bunny.

Meanwhile, at the Ritz, Dad had finished his brunch as well. “I’m stuffed,” he thought. It was time to go home and crash on the couch. It was food coma time for him as well. It seemed humans, just like bunnies, enjoy foraging for the next tasty morsel. 

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Bentley's Brunch

Bentley searches the dessert bar for the next tasty morsel.

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