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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Outsmarting Dad (194)

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CHAPTER 194 – Outsmarting Dad

Mocha and Hobo snuggled together under the couch on the Starship Bunnyprise. It was getting late, which meant it was almost treat time.

Normally, the boys loved treat time, but because of the medication, Hobo was in a quandary. He said to Mocha, “I want my treats, but that’s when Dad catches me and makes me take that medicine. I hate that.”

Mocha had tried to protect Hobo, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. He thought about it some more. Just then, they heard the door open. In came Dad, who announced, “Treat time, boys!” But unlike normal, no one came running over for treats. Dad asked again, “Boys, do you want your treats?”

Mocha said to Hobo, “I have an idea. Wait here!” As tempted as Hobo was to run out to get a treat, he waited under the couch.

Mocha popped his head out from under the couch and looked up at Dad. “Here you go,” said Dad as he handed Mocha a treat. Instead of eating it, Mocha dove back under the couch. Dad peered under the couch and watched Mocha bring the treat to Hobo and share it with him.  

Then Mocha came back out and begged for another treat. Dad handed Mocha another treat. Again, Mocha dove back under the couch and shared it with Hobo.

Dad couldn’t help but laugh. Mocha was a very clever little bunny, indeed. He had figured out a way to look after his buddy and outsmart his Dad!

Mocha protects Hobo by bringing treats to him under the couch.

Mocha protects Hobo by bringing treats to him under the couch.

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