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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Routines (136)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 136 – Routines

Bentley peered across his vast penthouse burrow under Dad’s king sized bed. He liked it under there. There was plenty of space to stretch out—even run zoomies. And he felt secure way in the back where no one could see him or reach him when he slept.

It was mid-evening. Darkness had fallen. He eagerly anticipated Dad’s visit. Dad would hide treats and then sit with him while he foraged around the room for them. Then they’d repeat the process later when Dad came to bed, usually around 1 AM. It was their nightly routine.

But tonight, time ticked by and still no Dad. “Where’s Dad?” thought Bentley, “Did he forget me?”

Upstairs, Abigail sat by Dad’s feet as he worked feverishly on his computer. He had to submit some work by midnight to meet a deadline. He glanced at the clock. It was time for his rounds to visit the boys, Bentley, Mocha, and Hobo. “There’s no way I’ll make the deadline if I stop now,” he said to Abigail, “Do you think they’ll mind?”

Abigail thought, “Well, Mocha and Hobo will be OK, but you know how sensitive Bentley is.” Dad knew. He was all too familiar with getting the bunny butt whenever Bentley was offended.

Midnight came and went. Dad uploaded his submission. Too late. He missed the deadline by fifteen minutes. Irritated and exasperated, he gave Abigail her good night massage, which helped calm him down. Then he headed downstairs to the bedroom.

“Hi Bentley. Dad’s here. Sorry I’m late,” he announced. But Bentley was nowhere in sight. Dad peered under the bed. Bentley was in his loaf position, at the very back of the bed, where Dad couldn’t reach him.

“Treats?” asked Dad. Bentley ignored him. He was miffed and wanted Dad to know it. Dad hid the usual treats around the room. “Want to go foraging, Bentley?” he asked. But Bentley refused to budge. Dad waited a half hour. Still no Bentley.

Dad looked under the bed, “I’m sorry I missed our visit earlier. I had to work.” Bentley did not care.

Dad finally gave up and turned out the lights and went to sleep. At least he didn’t get the dreaded bunny butt.

The next morning, the sun was up when Dad awoke. He looked down at the floor but didn’t see Bentley’s familiar silhouette. He looked under the bed. There was Bentley, in the same position.

“Good morning, little one!” he said in a cheerful voice. Bentley crept out from under the bed and ran over to his foraging ball to dig for treats. He let Dad give him a couple of pets and then ran off, as if to say, “I forgive you, but it had better not happen again!”

That night, Dad made sure he spent extra time with Bentley while he foraged. By midnight, all was forgiven and Bentley lowered his head and allowed Dad to pet him again. Dad had learned his lesson. Bunnies watch what’s going on. Don’t upset their routine!

Bentley is miffed

Bentley is miffed at Dad and refuses to come out from his "penthouse" burrow.

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